Elisa, thank you for the beautiful painting of Harry!  You captured his face, his expression, and his personality perfectly.  The style of your painting is just beautiful.  We really love it.  It will hang in a special place in our home.  Thank you so much. We would definitely recommend you to any pet lover.

 Ansley B. and David O., Pleasantville, NY


Elisa is a fantastic painter; her portraits of your family pets look true to life when completed. She is wonderful free style and can replicate a photograph perfectly!

~ Laura A., Merrick, NY.

The portrait of my beloved Dachshund, Champ, has been the focal point in my dining room for the last 10 years. Every time I gaze at it, I recognize MY dog, the expression in his eyes — the way he looks up at me. Champ will be 15 in April. I don’t know how long he will be with me, but I am grateful for that portrait. Elisa captured his true and unique essence. He is unmistakably Champ. I am comforted in knowing his loving way and gentle spirit will be there for me to experience always.

~ Renee M., Baldwin, NY.

For my 10th Wedding Anniversary I wanted to get something for my husband that was something so special and heartfelt. I had heard about the work that Elisa does on her paintings and thought let’s go for it. The painting was the most spectacular present I could have chosen. …  [She] made my dog look alive from the colors that pop off the canvas to her eyes that look at you and sparkle and her hair that moves as you move to look at every angle. It hangs on my wall and is admired by everyone who walks in my house. It is an amazing piece.

~Caren P., Ronkonkoma, NY