What I Need From You

check-smallI need a workable photo, or a combination of photos from which I can gather enough information to achieve the desired result.

A good photo is one that is in focus and shows your pet’s face fairly close up in clear and unobstructed detail.

check-smallIf you like, you can also supply a short video of no more than 2 minutes total, with some footage of your animal companion interacting with you or others, or engaged in some activity, but in either case ideally with some footage where his or her face is visible. This will give me a tremendous amount of additional information about his or her personality and temperament.

check-smallIf you want your pet’s body or portions of it to be in the portrait, please send additional photos taken from as close a distance as you can while still fitting in the desired portions. For large dogs, keep in mind that trying to get the entire body into the portrait can lead to a loss of impact, since facial features will be that much smaller. That is, of course, unless you are willing to pay for a large painting!

If you live within 90 minutes of my home in Westchester, NY, I also offer the service of coming to your home to do an informal photo shoot of your pet for an additional up front cost:

Up to 30 minutes drive or train ride – $75

Up to 60 minutes – $125

Up to 90 minutes – $175

A benefit of using this service is that it gives me opportunity to meet your pet and see it in motion – both of which give me a fuller understanding of your pet’s particular personality and can only enhance my results.

check-smallIf you wish me to proceed to paint, I will require 10% of my proposed fee as a deposit to cover materials.  

check-smallI will require the balance of my fee before shipping (or personally delivering) the painting. Shipping costs are not included, and will be added to my fee.  

You are free to refuse the finished product (and request a refund of your deposit), but in that case the painting becomes mine to do with as I choose.  In the unlikely event you decide that you are unhappy with the portrait after receiving it, you may return it to me within 90 days for a full refund, excluding my shipping cost or yours.  No refunds will be given if the painting is kept for longer than 90 days or is altered in any way.

Please visit my gallery on this website and if you are interested, send me a message at my contact page. I’m happy to answer whatever questions you may have. Please do not attach photos to your emails, but rather upload any photos for my consideration through my website in Getting Started.